Transcripts from Science Fiction Saturday, a regular event in Second Life. Hosted by the group Science Fiction Discussion each Saturday at 2.00 p.m. SL time.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 October 2009

[13:56] Vel Alchemi: Hi, K.
[13:56] Seren Snowpaw: hello vel
[13:56] Kghia Gherardi: Hi Jago
[13:57] Harpy Convair: Hello Vel
[13:57] Vel Alchemi: Hi, Seren.
[13:57] Jago Constantine: Hi, Kghia!
[13:58] Kghia Gherardi: Jago, please welcome Skipa and Seren. Both are newcomers to SL.
[13:58] Vel Alchemi: Hi Harpy. I'm not keeping up with the greetings.
[13:58] Harpy Convair: It's alright
[13:58] Jago Constantine: Hi, Skipa, Seren!
[13:59] Kghia Gherardi: I'm going leave you in Jago capable hands and grab some dinner.
[13:59] Skipa Monday: hello ty
[13:59] Kghia Gherardi: please let me know if you need anything. And welcome to Bookstacks!
[13:59] Seren Snowpaw: bye kghia thanks for the warm welcome :)
[13:59] Vel Alchemi: Bye Kghia.
[14:00] Jago Constantine: I'm in the usual room folks XD
[14:01] Jago Constantine: Thanks for coming :)
[14:01] Jago Constantine: Happy Halloween to anyone who's into that :)
[14:02] Harpy Convair: Thank you
[14:02] Jago Constantine: Actually, it might be fun if this week we talk about a horror novel ...
[14:02] Jago Constantine: rather than our usual routine of discussing what we read during the week
[14:02] Vel Alchemi: Sure. Which novel?
[14:03] Jago Constantine: well, one of our favourites I suppose :)
[14:03] Jago Constantine: Let me think
[14:03] Jago Constantine: I suppose my favourite horror novel is Blood Crazy by Simon Clark
[14:04] Harpy Convair: I've never heard of that one
[14:04] Jago Constantine: he's a british horror novelist
[14:04] Jago Constantine: he wrote the abysmal sequel to day of the triffids
[14:04] Harpy Convair: I didn't know that such a creature existed
[14:04] Jago Constantine: lol
[14:04] Jago Constantine: but his original works can be pretty good, and Blood Crazy is close to perfect
[14:05] Jago Constantine: the premise is that something makes everyone over 18 go crazy
[14:05] Harpy Convair: Hmm
[14:05] Jago Constantine: and try to kill everyone under 18
[14:05] Harpy Convair: So only 18 year olds live
[14:05] Vel Alchemi: Sounds like parenthood to me.,
[14:06] Jago Constantine: so a lot of the horror of the novel comes from parents trying to kill their children
[14:06] Harpy Convair: Yikes!
[14:06] Harpy Convair: I read Lullaby by Chuck Palanuik
[14:06] Vel Alchemi: See? And I hadn't even heard of the book.
[14:06] Jago Constantine: I haven't read that one?
[14:06] Jago Constantine: Anyway it becomes a novel of survival
[14:06] Harpy Convair: I found it very disturbing
[14:06] Jago Constantine: with groups of children trying to survive and form a society
[14:07] Harpy Convair: Interesting
[14:07] Jago Constantine: protecting themselves from hordes of zombielike (but somehow smarter) adults
[14:07] Seren Snowpaw: o dear i have zombiephobia so this sounds super scarey
[14:08] Harpy Convair: Hmm, sounds interesting
[14:08] Vel Alchemi: So can horror fiction be divided by who is trying to survive what?
[14:08] Harpy Convair: I read World War Z by Max Brooks
[14:08] Jago Constantine: now the novel is really gripping from the beginning, with great action, a likeable young adult protagonist
[14:08] Jago Constantine: I can't recommend it highly enough :)
[14:08] Jago Constantine: anyway, Harpy ... what did you think of WWZ?
[14:09] Harpy Convair: Loved it, very nervous about the movie version
[14:09] Jago Constantine: oh they're making a movie? cool
[14:09] Harpy Convair: It's set up to be a series of interviews of the survivors and major players of a world wide zombie outbreak
[14:09] Harpy Convair: Max Brooks is Mel Brooks son
[14:09] Jago Constantine: wow
[14:09] Harpy Convair: There is some humor, but it's also very emotionally true
[14:10] Seren Snowpaw: o no, more zombies lol
[14:10] Jago Constantine: I like end of the world novels
[14:10] Harpy Convair: I can't talk about the one I'm reading now, because I'm doing a talk on it tomorrow
[14:10] Vel Alchemi: What is it, Harpy?
[14:10] Harpy Convair: I loved The Road by Cormac McCarthy as well
[14:11] Jago Constantine: not so much cataclysms ... but surviving afterwards
[14:11] Harpy Convair: John Dies at the End by David Wong
[14:11] Jago Constantine: I guess post-apocalyptic
[14:11] Jago Constantine: I love the Road too :)
[14:11] Harpy Convair: I've heard the upcoming movie is extremely close to the book
[14:11] Jago Constantine: that's good!
[14:12] Jago Constantine: I thought it was a very original end-of-the-world
[14:12] Jago Constantine: well, I have read a few with similar causes
[14:12] Harpy Convair: I was amazed by how much I connected with the characters despite the fact that they had no names
[14:12] Harpy Convair: I like that you never really know what caused it
[14:13] Jago Constantine: yeah that was good
[14:13] Jago Constantine: In my mind, something killed all the plant life
[14:13] Jago Constantine: everything else followed from that
[14:14] Harpy Convair: I felt the wizened apples suggested that some plant life survived
[14:14] Harpy Convair: THough in a much reduced fashion
[14:14] Jago Constantine: hmm I forgot that bit ... were they from a tree or preserved?
[14:14] Jago Constantine: hey bobby
[14:14] Bobby Lomba: Hello people!
[14:15] Harpy Convair: They were windfall
[14:15] Vel Alchemi: Hi, Bobby.
[14:15] Bobby Lomba: :)
[14:15] Harpy Convair: Hello Bobby
[14:15] Seren Snowpaw: hello bobby
[14:15] Bobby Lomba: hello all
[14:15] Jago Constantine: I'll check that cos my theory was pretty neat :P
[14:16] Jago Constantine: Anyway thanks, Harpy :)
[14:16] Harpy Convair: Since the boy was about 10 and the event happened before his brith
[14:16] Harpy Convair: birth*
[14:16] Jago Constantine: Vel ... do you have a horror novel you'd like to discuss?
[14:16] Harpy Convair: Even well preserved fruit would have rotted
[14:16] Jago Constantine: yeah
[14:17] Vel Alchemi: I'm not a horror fan. Poe and Saki are the horror authors I read growing up.
[14:17] Vel Alchemi: Since then, it seems there's plenty of horror in mainstream fiction without going to look for more.
[14:17] Jago Constantine: ok, well feel free do talk about your sci fi reading :)
[14:17] Bobby Lomba: is this a horror noght??
[14:17] Vel Alchemi: Maybe grimness rather than horror, I should say.
[14:17] Bobby Lomba: night?
[14:18] Harpy Convair: I'm a scifi/fantasy and horror herd
[14:18] Jago Constantine: oh well horror is an option bobby :)
[14:18] Vel Alchemi: I'm reading Iain M. Banks "The State of the Art" on a recommendation and it is very grim.
[14:18] Harpy Convair: nerd*
[14:18] Jago Constantine: oh they're making a movie of one of his stories
[14:18] Harpy Convair: Anyone read Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson?
[14:18] Vel Alchemi: No,
[14:18] Jago Constantine: yes :)
[14:19] Harpy Convair: You should, it inspired Second Life
[14:20] Jago Constantine: is that the first banks you've read vel?
[14:20] Vel Alchemi: LOL, well in that case....
[14:20] Vel Alchemi: Yes. He's an author I hadn't read before.
[14:20] Vel Alchemi: I see a lot of echoes of Philip K. Dick.
[14:20] Jago Constantine: he's great ... state of the art isn't the first book I'd recommend :P
[14:21] Bobby Lomba: what book would you recommend of him+
[14:21] Harpy Convair: I still need to read Phillip K. Dick
[14:21] Vel Alchemi: That's the title, but it's made up of about half a dozen short works.
[14:21] Jago Constantine: Well I like Consider Phlebas
[14:21] Vel Alchemi: By Banks?
[14:21] Jago Constantine: yes
[14:22] Jago Constantine: but many people think Use of Weapons is his best work
[14:22] Vel Alchemi: I'm wondering if Banks is an author better liked by men han women.
[14:22] Seren Snowpaw: i have to go now thanks for the chat everyone :)
[14:22] Vel Alchemi: Bye Seren
[14:22] Jago Constantine: thanks for coming Seren
[14:22] Jago Constantine: We're here same time next week :)
[14:22] Harpy Convair: I don't like many female authors, I don't tend to like their writing style
[14:23] Vel Alchemi: Women writer of all genres?
[14:23] Bobby Lomba: you think women have a genuinly different style of writing?
[14:23] Harpy Convair: I like a few
[14:23] Harpy Convair: Bobby, I do
[14:23] Harpy Convair: Just as they have a different style of speaking
[14:24] Harpy Convair: Most women writers I've read seem to be better suited for fantasy then the raw, intensity needed for most scifi and horror
[14:24] Vel Alchemi: Makes sense. After all, communication skills show up much differently in little girls than in little boys.
[14:25] Jago Constantine: what about horror?
[14:25] Jago Constantine: oh you said horror lol
[14:25] Vel Alchemi: Mary
[14:25] Vel Alchemi: Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein.
[14:25] Harpy Convair: I quite liked that book
[14:25] Harpy Convair: I enjoy Katherine Kerr's fantasy series
[14:25] Vel Alchemi: Hi rene
[14:25] Jago Constantine: I recently read Children of Men, which is a great science fiction novel
[14:25] Harpy Convair: Marion Zimmer Bradley is quite good as well
[14:26] rene Swords: Hello
[14:26] Jago Constantine: Hi, Rene
[14:26] Bobby Lomba: Helluuu!
[14:26] Harpy Convair: Hello Rene
[14:26] rene Swords: Can you hear me ? Is it possible to voice ?
[14:27] Harpy Convair: I have my voice off at the moment
[14:27] Jago Constantine: I don't have voice on
[14:27] Bobby Lomba: ditto
[14:27] Jago Constantine: I can turn it on but we usually text these meetings
[14:27] Bobby Lomba: ups, ja, aint got voice on
[14:27] rene Swords: Thank you for your answers
[14:28] Vel Alchemi: Hi glass
[14:28] Harpy Convair: Hello Glass
[14:28] Glass Sorbet: Hey everyone
[14:28] Bobby Lomba: Hello Miss Glass
[14:28] Jago Constantine: Hi, Glass
[14:28] Jago Constantine: We're just discussing female authors
[14:28] Jago Constantine: of horror sci fi and fantasy
[14:29] Bobby Lomba: only feamle writers discussed today?
[14:29] Jago Constantine: well no bobby XD
[14:29] Harpy Convair: Tanith Lee's White as Snow was very interesting
[14:29] Jago Constantine: we're just at that point right now ...
[14:29] Harpy Convair: A very old school retelling of Snow White
[14:29] Bobby Lomba: ah hehe ok
[14:29] Jago Constantine: I never really got into retellings of fairy tales :P
[14:30] Jago Constantine: Anyway, Bobby ... what have you read this week in sci fi ... or tell us about a horror novel you love
[14:30] Harpy Convair: Andrews, Flowers in the Attic, but she died and a male ghost writer is continuing the work
[14:31] Bobby Lomba: well, dont think ive ever read a horror book
[14:31] Harpy Convair: Emz is a female horror writer
[14:31] Bobby Lomba: this week i read Starfish by Peter watts, got some horror in it
[14:31] Bobby Lomba: horrible fish in it
[14:31] Bobby Lomba: moster fish
[14:31] Jago Constantine: oh yeah
[14:31] Jago Constantine: that is pretty scary for sci fi
[14:31] Harpy Convair: Trial of Madness has a female author
[14:32] Jago Constantine: or grim
[14:32] Harpy Convair: But I can't remember her RL name
[14:32] Harpy Convair: It harkens back to the original version, before the Grimm Brothers made it a little softer
[14:32] Vel Alchemi: I can't think of any contemporary women writers doing horror fiction.
[14:32] Bobby Lomba: Yeah! It is! Kinda condusing book, i cant really tell whats the main story of it is, but i like it
[14:32] Bobby Lomba: Got a scary claustophobic feel, the whole book
[14:32] Jago Constantine: except for the paranormal romance genre vel
[14:33] Harpy Convair: I am SO sick of vampire romance novels
[14:33] Jago Constantine: aren;t we all XD
[14:33] Harpy Convair: I want to smack Anne Rice for starting that trend
[14:33] Bobby Lomba: have you guys read starfish? the rifter series is popular i think?
[14:33] Vel Alchemi: That makes me shudder -- paranormal romance. As bad as sci fi romance.
[14:33] Jago Constantine: yes I read starfisj
[14:34] rene Swords: I am sorry I have to leave. Have a nice meeting
[14:34] Harpy Convair: Rene, it was nice to meet your
[14:34] Vel Alchemi: Bye rene. Hope to see you again.
[14:34] Harpy Convair: you*
[14:34] Harpy Convair: Bobby, haven't heard about it.
[14:34] Bobby Lomba: Ok, good book, even tho it was a bit disappointing after having read Blind sight of same author. Best sf ive read:)
[14:34] Harpy Convair: Who's the author?
[14:34] Bobby Lomba: Peter watts
[14:35] Harpy Convair: I have Blindsight by him, but haven't read it
[14:35] Jago Constantine: I love blindsight
[14:35] Bobby Lomba: but, i havent read much sf. im new to the genre
[14:35] Harpy Convair: I recommend Dune by Frank Herbert
[14:35] Vel Alchemi: Maybe we should all give Bobby one favorite Sci fi title
[14:35] Harpy Convair: It's the LOtR of Scifi
[14:35] Bobby Lomba: Yes!!! please do!!
[14:35] Bobby Lomba: Dune is noted
[14:36] Vel Alchemi: Hm. Connie Willis "Doomsday Book"
[14:36] Jago Constantine: I would suggest A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge
[14:36] Bobby Lomba: Great. And Jago, your all time favourit?
[14:37] Jago Constantine: It could be that one
[14:37] Bobby Lomba: cool, ill read it
[14:37] Jago Constantine: Or Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson
[14:37] Bobby Lomba: Just got 15 books in the mail so it will be some thime till i order anymore hihi
[14:37] Harpy Convair: Snowcrash is my only Stephenson
[14:37] Vel Alchemi: There are so many varieties of sci fi that it will be interesting to see which ones you like, Bobby.
[14:37] Eddi Haskell: sorry im late
[14:37] Jago Constantine: lol hey eddi babe
[14:37] Harpy Convair: HOw does it compare to his other books?
[14:37] Eddi Haskell: hi
[14:37] Vel Alchemi: 15! That beats me!
[14:38] Vel Alchemi: Hi eddie
[14:38] Eddi Haskell: hi val!
[14:38] Jago Constantine: I think I liked DIamond Age more than Snow Crash
[14:38] Vel Alchemi: Are you allowed on the couch, Eddie?
[14:38] Harpy Convair: Simialr themes?
[14:38] Jago Constantine: lol
[14:38] Eddi Haskell: no im a wetter
[14:38] Jago Constantine: well yes similar
[14:38] Jago Constantine: Diamond Age seems like it could be set in the same world but later
[14:39] Harpy Convair: Ah, ok
[14:39] Jago Constantine: after nanotechnology is invented
[14:39] Jago Constantine: there are similar themes of the breakdown of civil society into affinity groups
[14:39] Jago Constantine: for example
[14:39] Bobby Lomba: is it part of a series?
[14:39] Jago Constantine: no they're both stand alone
[14:39] Bobby Lomba: ok
[14:40] Harpy Convair: William Gibson is classic cyberpunk
[14:40] Jago Constantine: I never really liked Gibson novels much :P
[14:40] Harpy Convair: Walter Jon Williams Hardcrash
[14:40] Bobby Lomba: he wrote neuromancer, right?
[14:40] Harpy Convair: I like some more than others
[14:40] Jago Constantine: yeah
[14:40] Harpy Convair: Yes, Bobby
[14:40] Vel Alchemi: How about S.M. Stirling?
[14:40] Bobby Lomba: yeah, ive readd that one
[14:40] Jago Constantine: I prefer Bruce Sterling XD
[14:40] Vel Alchemi: lol
[14:40] Jago Constantine: to both
[14:40] Harpy Convair: He is very technobabble, hard to get into sometimes
[14:41] Jago Constantine: I hate SM Stirling
[14:41] Harpy Convair: Haven't read Stirling or Sterling
[14:41] Vel Alchemi: Come on Jago, tell us how you really feel.
[14:41] Jago Constantine: lol
[14:41] Jago Constantine: well he has written a few partly enjoyable books
[14:41] Vel Alchemi: Orson Scott Card?
[14:41] Harpy Convair: I know he leans a little more to fantasy, but very much has steampunk elements, China Mieville
[14:42] Harpy Convair: I love his books, his use of lanuage is fabulous
[14:42] Jago Constantine: Mieville is great ... we had a meeting at a Mieville-inspired sim once
[14:42] Bobby Lomba: Enders game! liked that one
[14:42] Harpy Convair: language*
[14:42] Harpy Convair: Cool
[14:42] Vel Alchemi: Have you tried Card's Alvin Maker series, Bobbie?
[14:42] Bobby Lomba: no?
[14:42] Vel Alchemi: Bobby. Sorry for the misspelling.
[14:43] Harpy Convair: There's a YA book called True Sight which is really interesting
[14:43] Bobby Lomba: hahanp, the series, is it good? recommend it?
[14:43] Harpy Convair: I'd also recommend Scott Westerfield's Uglies series
[14:43] Jago Constantine: I enjoyed the alvin maker series, I liked what card was doing with it
[14:43] Vel Alchemi: I'd call Alvin Maker fantasy rather than sci fi, but I liked it.
[14:43] Jago Constantine: but I wouldn't read them twice ;P
[14:43] Vel Alchemi: Lol
[14:43] Vel Alchemi: Isn't that the way with a lot of books?
[14:43] Jago Constantine: sure, but some it's more worth noting than others
[14:44] Vel Alchemi: In fact, I'm having to thin out my collection and that's how I'm doing it. If I don't expect to read the book again, it goes to a charity shop.
[14:44] Bobby Lomba: enders game wasnt much fantasy i think tho...?
[14:44] Jago Constantine: In fact ... I should have said I wouldn't recommend buying them ... get them from the library
[14:44] Jago Constantine: that's how I thin out my books vel
[14:44] Harpy Convair: I still need to read Ender's Game
[14:44] Vel Alchemi: Hi Duck
[14:44] Duck Quinote: Oooh Ender's Game is awesome.
[14:44] Jago Constantine: Hi, Duck :)
[14:44] Bobby Lomba: Thin out book?!?! Who does such a horrible thing?!
[14:44] Duck Quinote: Hi Vel.
[14:44] Eddi Haskell: hi duck!
[14:44] Duck Quinote: Hi Eddi.
[14:45] Harpy Convair: We donate ours to the local library
[14:45] Vel Alchemi: lol. No books are harmed in this process. They merely get new owners.
[14:45] Jago Constantine: books aren't sacred ... you can get rid of them xD
[14:45] Bobby Lomba: ah, good. never hurat a book, think Jesus said so
[14:45] Vel Alchemi: lol
[14:45] Bobby Lomba: hurt a book
[14:45] Harpy Convair: Books are about the only thing I hold sacred, but they can be given away
[14:46] Vel Alchemi: But on the other hand, I shop second hand stores to find books other people don't want.
[14:46] Jago Constantine: you can always try bookcrossing:
[14:46] Vel Alchemi: I've looked at it but haven'
[14:46] Vel Alchemi: haven't tried it.
[14:46] Jago Constantine: I found one once!
[14:46] Harpy Convair: That's a fun idea, not enough people in my town read for it to work for me
[14:47] Vel Alchemi: Small town or small minds?
[14:47] Harpy Convair: They are doing a "Read It Forward" program at our campus
[14:47] Harpy Convair: A little of both
[14:47] Jago Constantine: oh?
[14:47] Harpy Convair: They are starting with the book IQ
[14:47] Jago Constantine: ok
[14:47] Vel Alchemi: I like the read-and-release program -- put the book in a public place for someone else to pick up.
[14:47] Harpy Convair: The librarian hid copies of the book, the kids find it, read it, pass it on
[14:47] Vel Alchemi: I love it!
[14:48] Jago Constantine: heh
[14:48] Vel Alchemi: I'm going to tell my library about that.
[14:48] Harpy Convair: Most books I buy, I don't ever let go of
[14:48] Vel Alchemi: Sigh. It's been that way all my life.
[14:48] Harpy Convair: Its the school library, not hte public
[14:48] Jago Constantine: You could always try forbidding the book to encourage them even more xD
[14:48] Vel Alchemi: But now I run the risk of being killed by a falling stack of books.
[14:48] Harpy Convair: Jago, we have too many parents that do that already
[14:48] Bobby Lomba: haha, how many books would you guys say you own?
[14:48] Harpy Convair: Had a parent rip up a teacher's personal copy of Harry Potter about 7 years ago
[14:49] Harpy Convair: A LOT
[14:49] Jago Constantine: Oh I only own about 700 now
[14:49] Vel Alchemi: Well, I use to catalog them. So far I have 2500 and piles to go.
[14:49] Harpy Convair: I love ebooks because they aren't heavy in a move
[14:49] Jago Constantine: I am very strict
[14:49] Bobby Lomba: 2500?! wow
[14:49] Vel Alchemi: Jago, you must be.
[14:49] Harpy Convair: I avoid bookstores because I don't have the money to spend
[14:49] Jago Constantine: I am making a lot more use of the library and interlibrary loans
[14:49] Vel Alchemi: Second hand shops, Harpy.
[14:50] Harpy Convair: Don't have the money for that either
[14:50] Vel Alchemi: Hi eddie
[14:50] Harpy Convair: And I hate books not being in good shape
[14:50] Duck Quinote: Baning and destroying books, becausen nothing bad ever came of that before...
[14:50] Jago Constantine: Interlibrary loans are free in Aus
[14:50] Vel Alchemi: Here in US, too.
[14:50] Vel Alchemi: My, how you changed, Eddie.
[14:50] Eddi Haskell: hi
[14:50] Bobby Lomba: free everwhere i think
[14:50] Harpy Convair: I'm terrible about getting books back ontime
[14:50] Jago Constantine: hehe
[14:50] Eddi Haskell: lol
[14:50] Harpy Convair: And the late fees don't go into the library
[14:51] Jago Constantine: I took a lot of my books to book exchanges gradually
[14:51] Jago Constantine: taking say five along and getting 2 or 3 back
[14:51] Jago Constantine: winnowing
[14:51] Vel Alchemi: My library supports my buying habits. They sell donations they don't want -- 50 cents for a hardback and 25 cents for a paperback.
[14:51] Harpy Convair: They do that here too, but it's romance novels and westerns
[14:51] Jago Constantine: mine sells them for about a dollar!
[14:52] Vel Alchemi: Well, I do have to pick through a lot of chaff to get to the wheat.
[14:52] Jago Constantine: lol
[14:52] Harpy Convair: We gave the library and Easton Press edition of Brothers by Ben Bova the last time we moved away
[14:52] Vel Alchemi: Did they appreciate it?
[14:52] Harpy Convair: It was in a box of books, it's still on the shelf
[14:53] Vel Alchemi: Good grief.
[14:53] Harpy Convair: It gets checked out as far as I know
[14:53] Duck Quinote: The mere mention of the word romance novels made me think of Twilight, which made me want to go and wash my brain out with bleach.
[14:53] Vel Alchemi: lol
[14:53] Eddi Haskell: i like the cheap cheezy ones
[14:53] Harpy Convair: Duck, I hate book burning, but that series makes me want to
[14:53] Jago Constantine: Duck - have you read any sci fi this week?
[14:54] Jago Constantine: that you'd like to talk about?
[14:54] Bobby Lomba: Alberto Manguel has written a book about collecting books, the love of books.... The Library at Night, anyone read it?
[14:55] Harpy Convair: No, sorry
[14:55] Vel Alchemi: No, but I just added it to my to-be-read list.
[14:55] Duck Quinote: I'm trying to read the Jerle Shannara trilogy at the moment but Thesis writing keeps getting in the way.
[14:55] Bobby Lomba: supposed to be a great book
[14:55] Harpy Convair: Anyone else on Goodreads?
[14:55] Bobby Lomba: im going to read it
[14:55] Jago Constantine: No
[14:56] Vel Alchemi: Goodreads?
[14:56] Duck Quinote: The Twilight series are books in the same way Botulism is a yoghurt. Burning them totally doesn't count.
[14:56] Harpy Convair: A social network for book nerds
[14:56] Duck Quinote: So I hear, but I'm having trouble getting into them.
[14:56] Harpy Convair: Yes it does, it got many kids to read
[14:56] Eddi Haskell: im trying to figure out botulism and yoghurt
[14:56] Vel Alchemi: Maybe that's a clue - pre-teen reading.
[14:57] Harpy Convair: Jago, you could make a group page for this discussion
[14:57] Duck Quinote: (now that I've said it so am I Eddi, it worked in my head).
[14:57] Jago Constantine: I am planning to Harpy :)
[14:57] Bobby Lomba: kids shouldnt read, they could become addicted, and end up, well, lik me
[14:57] Eddi Haskell: lol
[14:57] Harpy Convair: Heehee Bobby
[14:57] Vel Alchemi: lol
[14:57] Harpy Convair: I so want a B&N Ereader
[14:57] Jago Constantine: Ok, would anyone like a group invite before we wind up?
[14:58] Duck Quinote: Sure why not.
[14:58] Harpy Convair: Sure
[14:58] Sarah Television: Oh.. phoo... I missed it
[14:58] Duck Quinote: I'm new to Second life and don't know what that means but it sounds good.
[14:58] Vel Alchemi: Send one to me, too.
[14:58] Jago Constantine: Would you like a group invite Sarah?
[14:58] Bobby Lomba: think im in the group
[14:58] Sarah Television: Na... I'll catch ya next Saturday... I got too many groups. :D
[14:59] Harpy Convair: That's always a problem in SL
[14:59] Jago Constantine: ok cya next time Sarah :)
[14:59] Duck Quinote: Ooooh, geek bling above my name.
[14:59] Jago Constantine: haha
[15:00] Jago Constantine: welcome to second life duck
[15:00] Eddi Haskell: welcome
[15:00] Jago Constantine: In your contact list there is a tab for groups
[15:00] Jago Constantine: you can activate groups to show a group title
[15:00] Bobby Lomba: Yes, welcome, and get out while you still can!
[15:00] Vel Alchemi: lol
[15:01] Duck Quinote: Ty Jago. By you're mention of wrapping up can I take it I somewhat overshot in my effort to be fashionably late?
[15:01] Jago Constantine: hehe
[15:01] Vel Alchemi: Thanks Jago. See you next time.
[15:01] Jago Constantine: we just go for an hour before I have breakfast xD
[15:01] Jago Constantine: I'm in Australia
[15:01] Harpy Convair: Texas
[15:01] Duck Quinote: Lol, I take it if it was a choice between crack and SL you would reccoment the crack the Bobby?
[15:01] Bobby Lomba: you wake up late, or youre in a wierd place
[15:01] Eddi Haskell: i would. you dont have to buy all these hairs
[15:02] Vel Alchemi: lol
[15:02] Jago Constantine: lol eddi
[15:02] Eddi Haskell: im gonna be talked to how to dress at these meetings
[15:02] Jago Constantine: ok ... see you all next week!
[15:02] Eddi Haskell: bye all!
[15:02] Vel Alchemi: Bye Jago.
[15:02] Jago Constantine: happy halloween again :)
[15:02] Duck Quinote: By Jago.
[15:02] Bobby Lomba: byebye!
[15:02] Vel Alchemi: Bye all.
[15:02] Harpy Convair: Take care all